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. . . Example is more efficacious than precept . . .


Code samples from PostScript by Example are available from Trilithon Internet Site.

Macintosh Classic
Macintosh Classic

For Macintosh Classic—that is, not Mac OS X, the code archive is a Stuffit archive that has been BinHexed (to neologise somewhat). Download the archive to your Macintosh and double-click on the archive to extract all the folders and files.

UNIX and Mac OS X

For UNIXincluding Mac OS X—the code archive is a compressed tar file. You must uncompress and then tar it to get the archive.

MicroSoft Windows
MicroSoft Windows

For MicroSoft Windows, the code archive is a WinZip file.

WinZip Web Site

If you do not have WinZip on your system already, you can obtain a copy from the WinZip Web Site.

Our ShareWare Declaration

This archive of approximately thirteen thousand lines of annotated PostScript Code is ShareWare. If you find the code samples useful to you, please feel free to send a small token of your appreciation—five- or ten-dollar notes, bottles of fine California Chardonnay, Caviar, etcetera to Trilithon Software.

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PostScript Viewers

To use these code examples, you will need some kind of PostScript viewer (best) or a PostScript printer (second best). Your best viewer is GhostView in conjunction with Ghostscript. I have used the GhostView/Ghostscript combination and found them pretty capable.

Get GhostView and Ghostscript

Get GhostView and Ghostscript.

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